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Q: Why did the Work Ready assessment change?

A: The original Work Ready assessment was developed by Elevation Corporate Health.  The assessment is theirs, similar to a copyright.  Elevation lost their ability to adequately provide the support needed to meet our needs.  We took advantage of the opportunity to work with our local medical community to evaluate the assessment and create one of their own.  Aspen Valley Hospital and The Steadman Clinic took the lead, using experts in sports medicine and consultants involved with the US Ski Team. We also included employees from multiple departments in looking at the assessment and how it is administered.  The new assessment is the result of that process.  All of the components are backed up by research and many are main stream assessments for various physical conditions.


Q: How is Work Ready 2.0 different than the old Work Ready?

A: The new process is more of a one-on-one coaching assessment. Its intent is to help employees identify potential issues that may affect their overall well-being, fitness and safety. A Fitness Tester will provide each employee with exercises and personalized recommendations for improved body mechanics as needed.  That is why the new assessment uses Physical Therapists and certified Personal Trainers as the assessors who will take the employee through the entire assessment.  Rather than just look at each part as a separate assessment, they will be able to detect patterns that may exist throughout the assessment to provide better feedback. Certain new pieces of the assessment such as the Single Leg Squat and BESS Balance Test are actually screening tools intended to assess for ACL injuries and Brain Injuries as opposed to fitness.


Q: Who completes Work Ready 2.0?

A: Any employee that will ski/board during work. In addition, any employee returning to work on snow from an injury even if they have previously tested that year.


Q: Have there been any changes made to the accommodation process?

A: The accommodation process remains essentially the same.  The employee will complete whatever portion of the Work Ready 2.0 assessment that they feel comfortable with. We encourage the employee to try all portions of the assessment unless it might cause further harm to do so. Next, the employee will go to a free Training Room session to be evaluated by a Physical Therapist at AVH. The PT will determine the best accommodation based on the employee’s assessment results, medical history and the PT’s evaluation. Any accommodation will most likely result in an on mountain modification. Accommodations/on mountain modifications can be determined to be permanent or temporary. Once an employee can successfully complete a minimum of Tier I, their accommodation/on mountain modification can be removed.


Q: What are the outcomes of completing Work Ready 2.0?

A: There are four primary outcomes of Work Ready 2.0:

    • If you pass Tier III during the 2021-2022 season, you do not need to test again until after June 2023 (unless you get injured before then)
  • Employee passes minimum of Tier I and continues to test once per year
  • Fitness Failure- If an employee fails due to a fitness reason, they will be required to meet with the ASC-MBS Wellness Coordinator. She will design a personal improvement plan (PIP) to help the employee successfully reach the Tier I requirement. The employee must check in every 30 days and be able to show improvement. As long as the employee can show improvement at each check-in, they can continue working on snow. Once the employee can successfully pass Tier I, they are all done until the next year.
  • Medical Failure- If an employee fails due to a medical reason such as injury or an illness, they will be required to do a free Training Room session at AVH and follow the accommodation process as stated above. The employee can continue working with their accommodation and appropriate on mountain modification in place. If applicable, the employee can always re-test and if they can successfully complete a minimum of Tier I, their accommodation can be removed.


Q: When is Work Ready 2.0 completed?

A:  All returning employees via one on one appointments. All assessments must be completed according to the timeline below:

  • 6/1/21- Testing begins for the 2021-2022 season.  Employees may return to work prior to completing the Work Ready 2.0 assessment up until 2/1/22, as long as they were cleared to work in the 2020-2021 season.  Any existing accommodation remains in place until a new assessment has been completed.
  • 2/1/22- Deadline for 2021-2022 season testing completion.  If an employee has not tested by this date, they may not work until they have completed their Work Ready 2.0 assessment. Please note, whether you have failed anything or not, you can continue working as long as you have completed the assessment by this deadline.
  • 5/31/22- End of 2021-2022 testing season.


Q: Where is Work Ready 2.0 completed?

A:  Most of the testing sessions will be held at the TAC Fit Performance Center in El Jebel (next to City Market). There will also be some testing sessions held at Highlands in Aspen. The Highlands assessments are held in the basement outside the locker rooms.


Q: How do I register for Work Ready 2.0?

A:  Click here to register for Work Ready 2.0!

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